How to Become an Official Tap Hunter

So you're looking to become a TapHunter, eh? Call yourself a craft beer enthusiast do ya? Well here at TapHunter we take pudgy little "enthusiasts" like yourself and whip them into Active, Aware Hunters of Craft Beer taps who never let a freshly tapped keg start pouring unannounced... never let a fellow hunter down when a keg is dry... and always know where your favorite craft beer is on tap. Think you're up to the challenge? Good! Now to get started just take a gander at these steps.

1) Log in to by clicking the Facebook Connect icon below. Now YOU can start earning points by updating your favorite craft beer locations and more.


2) Make sure your city is selected at the top of the page, and then start hunting for your favorite craft beer locations (i.e. brewery, brewpub, local ale house).

3) Click on the Locations Tab in the navigation bar, and you'll find a map and list of all craft beer venues in your city.

4) Click on one of your favorite venues, and view its most recent tap list. Something missing? You can add it from the website, or from the actual venue if you use Tap Hunter’s mobile web version or Android App!

Your Actions Earn You Points

From the venue’s tap list page, you can:

Earn 1 point by adding a beer from the TapHunter’s database.

Earn 1 point by deleting a beer that’s no longer available.

Earn 2 points by adding a new beer, previously unlisted on

Earn .25 points by adding a beer’s missing ABV. These deets are important!