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American IPA  ·  8.6% ABV  ·  85.0 IBU
   95 Overall   94 Style

Barrel Aged Mosaic IPA!? Not quite. Aging a hop-focused beer in barrels will greatly diminish the hop aromas that we've toiled to create. Fortunately for us, we have the ability to add oak spirals- carefully milled helixes of toasted American oak to our aging tanks (and now Hop Gun!). This process infuses our beloved Mosaic IPA with delicious notes of oak, honey, vanilla, and coconut while preserving the beautiful hop profile.The deep golden/light amber color of this IPA comes from the use of a blend of English Maris Otter and American pale base malts. Sparing use of English crystal malt lends some caramel sweetness to help balance the hefty bitterness. Heady aromas of blueberry, pine, citrus and tropical fruit are the result of blending Mosaic hops with several other delicious American hop varieties. The wooden spirals lend to very unique tasting notes of toasted oak, honey, coconut and vanilla, while smoothing out the finish of this highly quaffable brew.

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