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Coopterstown Back Yard IPA

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American IPA  ·  6.0% ABV  ·  48.0 IBU

A golden India Pale Ale. Historically, ale shipped to India in the 19th Century was brewed to higher gravities so that it could mature during the long sea voyage. English brewers also hopped these ales heavily to protect them from spoiling. The term "India Pale Ale" or "IPA" is still used by brewers to denote a super-premium, hoppy pale ale style. Backyard IPA is no exception. A generous amount of Cascade hops defines the floral and citrusy character that dominates the beer. Additional Tettnang hops added directly to the fermenter bring an extra layer through the nose. Bitterness, although significant, is balanced with the sweeter two-row English pale malt, while Torrified Wheat provides a crisp refreshing feel.

Map of Cooperstown Brewing Company

Cooperstown Brewing Company

  110 River Street, Milford, NY 13087

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