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American IPA  ·  7.0% ABV

In every neighborhood in every big city there is that one Corner Shop; the one you can grab anything from your weekly produce to your mini-pack of toilet paper. Corner Shop IPA's flavor profile robs from multiple of their aisles; big aromas of ripe pears stacked up on the counter, peach ring candies, generic honey from the plastic bear-shaped bottle, hints of flowers pulled from inconspicuous black tubs, and a finish with notes of freshly brewed green tea. Inspired by our love for the exciting and hard drinking neighborhoods of the Bay Area and the bodegas that help fight off our hangovers with mini-packs of ibuprofen and over-priced red gatorade; Corner Shop IPA brings a completely different profile than most are used to from Fieldwork, keeping our IPAs as diverse as the neighborhoods they are poured in.

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Fieldwork Brewing Company

  1160 6th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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Whole Foods Market Roseville   
1001 Galleria Blvd, Roseville, CA 95660
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