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Happy Leaf Kombucha Cranberry Lavender Kombucha

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Specialty Beer  ·  0.01% ABV

Kombucha is an ancient elixir that has been brewed for over 2000 years. A combination of tea, organic cane sugar and a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast or SCOBY, are combined and lightly fermented to create a tart, effervescent tea. While trace amounts of alcohol are created by the fermentation process, it is considered non-alcoholic and has less alcohol than non-alcoholic beer. The tea has been regarded by some as the key to a long and healthy life. The lactobacillus culture in kombucha aids in both liver detoxification and acts as a probiotic for digestion. The fermentation process produces naturally occurring healthy acids and B-Vitamins which have been shown to enhance mood.

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Happy Leaf Kombucha

  5700 W 25th Avenue, Edgewater, CO 80214

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503 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905-1510
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