Iron Triangle Gold

Brewed by Iron Triangle Brewing Company

Cream Ale4.8% ABV18 IBU

Iron Triangle’s signature ale is a light, easy drinking yet flavorful beer. Inspired by the European brewing traditions brought to America prior to prohibition, we’ve combined pilsner & two row malted barley, un-malted barley, and flaked corn to create our own spin on this historic style. Expect this ale to have a slight sweetness paired with a delicate yet crisp bite of the noble hops. Fermented at cool temperatures with German ale yeast, the fruity background is complimented by the fresh, unfiltered appearance and bright carbonation.

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Light Lagers, Cream Ale, American Standard Lager, California Common, Filtered Wheat Beer

Serving Notes

Iron Triangle Ale is a vigorously carbonated, un-filtered beer. When served on draught, the beer will be presented with a slight haze and a tight white foam. Begin by pouring gently down the side of the glass and allow foam to build. After a brief rest, top off the pour such that the foam rises slightly above the rim of the glass. Recommended serving glassware is a shaped pint or pilsner glass.

Food Pairing: Iron Triangle Ale’s light refreshing flavor pairs well alongside cheeses with similar attributes. Try it with feta, mozzarella, burratta, or even cottage cheese. These cheeses help elevate the ale’s sweetness while their creaminess softens the beer’s carbonation. Iron Triangle Ale pairs well with nearly any meal. From a delicate salt-crusted branzino to a lightly charred burger at a backyard BBQ, Iron Triangle Ale’s faint sweetness and high carbonation will cut through the most intense flavors leaving your palate clean, and making every bite taste like the very first.

Available near San Diego, California

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