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Milwaukee Louie's Resurrection

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Wood-Aged Beer  ·  10.2% ABV  ·  30.0 IBU

In 2009 we got the idea to make a bigger version of our Louie’s’ Demise Amber Ale, age it in bourbon barrels for two months and call it Louie’s Resurrection.
The Louie’s Demise uses a multitude of malts, which is amplified to create the bigger, stronger beer for the Resurrection. That malt presence gives off the aroma of tobacco, toffee and figs during the brew.
It’s been fun taking a recipe that we’ve been brewing for 15 years and turning it up to 11 on the dial, making it bigger and bigger every year. The biggest challenge is allowing the beer the right amount of time in the bourbon barrels. We want the flavor to compliment the malt character. The aging adds a warm, smooth, vanilla flavor while enhancing the caramels and roastiness from the malt bill.

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Milwaukee Brewing Co.

  613 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

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