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American Wheat Beer  ·  5.6% ABV  ·  31.0 IBU

With a hazy, light amber hue, this beer spotlights Citra hops. At only 31 IBU’s, this beer is extremely palatable for all beer lovers. The intense hop aroma and flavor is the highlight of this beer. Citrus, floral notes with hints of pine dance on the tongue while a solid wheat malt backbone supports the intense hop flavor. The fluffy mouthfeel and lacing can be attributed to the high percentage of wheat malt and the heavy handed additions of Citra. This beer will conjure a love affair with hops inside the drinker.

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Omaha Brewing Company

  Omaha, GA

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2611 Suite D, Moody Road, GA 31088
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Omaha Brewing Company    Growler Fills  
265 Brew Street, Omaha, GA 31821
Brewery Tasting Room
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