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Original Sin Cherry Tree (Heirloom Series)

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Fruit Cider  ·  6.7% ABV

20th-century American ciders were sweet, syrupy - a far cry from the dry, crisp, revolution-inciting ciders of our country's past. Gidon Coll wanted to reconnect America to its roots by creating a traditional cider with the complexity to satisfy today’s discriminating palates. But where to begin? Coll immersed himself in the history and the craft of cider. He experimented. He brewed batch after batch in a small upstate New York winery. He sought counsel from a local wine expert and from the owners, bartenders and patrons of bars he frequented in New York City’s Lower East Side and East Village. He collected feedback from everyone he knew, adjusting and tinkering with his cider's flavor until it was clean, crisp, and practically perfect. Then he enlisted friends to painstakingly hand-label bottle after bottle. He lugged cases and cases in and out of NYC's subways, delivering bottles to establishments of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Today, you can find Original Sin's unique, award-winning ciders in over 30 states, as well as overseas in the U.K. and Japan. But it all started here in the U.S. — inspired by our country’s past: a clean, crisp, DEVILISHLY DELICIOUS cider for our future.

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Original Sin Hard Cider

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