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Saison  ·  7.0% ABV

Saison means “season” in French and comes from a time when this style of beer was brewed in Belgian farmhouses in the French speaking Wallonia region. The beer was then later served to the seasonal workers (Saisonniers) during the summer months in the fields.

The base beer is our signature Saison, La Vie en Rosé, brewed with locally sourced Organic Orange Blossom Honey, Wild Crafted Grains of Paradise from Morocco and Organic Hibiscus flowers from Burkina Faso, giving the beer its signature rose color and noticeably dry finish.

La Vie en Rosé is then combined with our house Brettanomyces strain as it enters the bottle for a mixed fermentation, creating an extremely effervescent bottle-conditioned ale. The wild yeast and rustic ingredients add funky background notes to this high-brow version of a peasant workers' beverage, worthy of drinking with your “Pinky Out”.

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