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Red Brick Three Bagger B.A Tripel

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Belgian Tripel  ·  9.5% ABV  ·  40.0 IBU

Rum Barrel-Aged Belgian Tripel
It could have been a single, but it’s so much more. This rum barrel aged
Belgian Tripel is named for the 3 Bagger -- the true team player, the
go-getter, the unabashed risk-taker -- the one who knows when to stretch
something good into something even better. Call it experience, call it
skill or call it pure animal instinct, the three-bagger knows when his time
has come and rises to the occasion. Take your turn with this well balanced
golden straw colored ale, which is full of complex fruity esters, dark rum,
vanilla and oak flavors.

Beer family: Brick Mason Series

Alc. by vol.

Bitterness, Color
40 IBUs, SRM 5

Map of Red Brick Brewing

Red Brick Brewing

  2323 Defoor Hills Road, Atlanta, GA 30318

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