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American Pale Ale  ·  5.3% ABV
   89 Overall   92 Style

Kushy Clouds is our beloved, and tremendously crushable, Intergalactic Oatmeal Pale Ale. This little guy weighs in at 5.3% for prime chug-ability, but was dry-hopped with as much of your favorite little dank nugs as the rest of our heavy handed IPA line-up.Heavy additions of flaked oatmeal lend an exquisite creamy quality that send punches of hop flavor rollin into your brain in style with the top down. Soft Mountain water, our proprietary yeast blend, and an intriguing and massive hop schedule come together to create a beer that is ina’dismissably chug-able from beginning to end.

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Søle Artisan Ales

  Emmaus, PA

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