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Valiant 3rd Anniversary

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Belgian Ale w/ Elderberries Aged in Oak Barrels  ·  13.3% ABV  ·  21.0 IBU

To ensure that our Third Anniversary will go down right in the history books, we have conjured up another master piece for your enjoyment. Based off of a Belgian Tripel, we have crafted this beer in terms of three. Three different malts, three different Belgian Candy sugars including raw honey, three different hops and over three weeks in oak barrels.

The end result?

A remarkable beverage with complexities of spices, dark fruits like figs and dates, oak and Chardonnay flavors.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this truly remarkable beer!

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Valiant Brewing Company

  2294 N. Batavia, Unit C, Orange, CA 92686

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