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Victory 1337 Bill & Ron's Excellent Homebrew

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American IPA  ·  6.0% ABV

In 1978, our world was more about street hockey and "star Wars" than brewing beer-after all, we were only 15. But in October of that year, President Jimmy Carter signed legislation that legalized brewing beer at home for personal or family use. H.R 1337 went into effect 1979 and a few years later my ever resourceful dad was cranking out credible lagers.

In 1985, we took our hobby for the flavor and the culture of hand crafting beer. Cheering the opening of each new "microbrewery," we honed our craft. Hoppy ales were the vogue and bold enough in flavor to mask the flaws a novice brewer often stumbles into.

Now with a brew kit that makes 200 Barrels per batch and 49 years professional experience between us, we have things pretty dialed in. so we dusted off an old, old recipe of ours to ride the wayback machine with you. hoppy trails, behind us and ahead for all!

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Victory Brewing Company

  420 Acorn Lane, Downingtown, PA 19335

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