Spanish Peacock Winery



Spanish Peacock El Cid

Spanish Peacock Winery  ·  South Coast, CA  ·  2012
This is a classic Cab blend with firm tannins and ripe black fruit flavors of cassis/currant, blackberry, plum and cherry as the most recognizable fruits, and hints of floral aromas contributed by the Petit Verdot. This wine was aged in French Oak for added complexity and depth of flavors, it is a medium bodies wine that opens nicely in the glass.

Spanish Peacock El Rincon Perdido

Spanish Peacock Winery  ·  South Coast, CA  ·  2011
A true Spanish wine from true Spanish grapes. The Monastrell is a very fruit forward grape (more red fruits:strawberry, cherry, cranberry) blended with the earthiness and spice of Garnacha. Aged in French Oak, it is a medium-bodied dry wine with hints of wet earth, the mild tannic nuances of toast and vanilla contributed from long oak barrel aging.

Spanish Peacock Esperanza

Spanish Peacock Winery  ·  South Coast, CA  ·  2012
This Syrah is an excellent example of a grape the loves the sun and Jamul. The San Diego/Jamul environment allows this grape to develop very complex flavor profiles. The year was cool throughout California, which added a higher acidity for added brightness, and more of the red fruit flavors. American Oak aged for 2 years to smooth and integrate the tannins while complementing the depth in the fruit aromas and flavors.

Spanish Peacock La Perla

Spanish Peacock Winery  ·  South Coast, CA  ·  2012
A warmer summer, grape maturity was fuller, which developed more complexity in the wine with lots of ripe red fruits and softer tannins. With 2 years of barrel aging in French Oak the subtle elegance of oak flavors make this wine an exceptional food pairing wine.

Spanish Peacock Sideways

Spanish Peacock Winery  ·  South Coast, CA  ·  2012
A blend of smooth grapes with lots of red fruit flavors, think cherries. This wine has a rounder mouth feel and coast the mouth nicely with complex flavors in preparation for food. This wine does well alone or with meatier or savory dishes.