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Belgian Blonde
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND
The wonderful golden color and white head provide a nice picture for what is to come. Subtle hop flavors with Belgian yeast provide a nice fruity flavor and aroma. Smooth easy drinking beer, with a touch of honey to provide a nice lightly sweet dry finish.

Belgian Triple
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND
6.8% ABV

Bourbon Porter
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND
Black as night with a great oak nose. Dark plum and roasted dark chocolate notes, finishing with a wonderful blended bourbon flavor.
5.5% ABV

Dark Mild
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND
Chocolate notes come through very nice, with a light sweet or Carmel flavor mixed in. Light body makes for easy drinking.

Dog Tooth Brown Ale
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND
Combo of earthy, bready and caramel. The classic English hops compliment the malt wonderfully.

Hunter's Amber
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND
This one was People's Choice at the Muddy River Mashers Oktoberfest in 2010. It is on the dark side of amber -- almost red. It has a great combination of bready, malt and citrus/spicy hop aroma. The caramel and toffee notes really are showcased in this beer as the crystal malts shine as I think they should in an amber. This is a mildly hoppy beer. Again, citrus and spicy notes come through in the flavor as well. It is a great combination of English and American ingredients for a well-roun
6.0% ABV
40 IBU

Night Hunt Imperial Stout
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND
Taste is malty even though it is very well-hopped; the malt balances and even supplies a bit of bitterness of its own. The residual sugars help balance the flavor
8.8% ABV
111 IBU

Session Oatmeal Brown
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND

White IPA
Bird Dog Brewing  ·  Mandan, ND
6.2% ABV