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Established in 2013, Bluebonnet Beer Company is the materialization of a dream nearly 10 years in the making. The husband and wife team of David and Clare Hulama work out of a tiny brewery in Round Rock, Texas with one goal in mind - To share flavorful, award-winning craft beers with you, our family, friends, and community. Look for Bluebonnet beers in finer establishments in Round Rock and it's surrounding areas.


American Amber Ale
Bluebonnet Beer Company  ·  Round Rock, TX
A non-traditional American amber with a large dose of late hops in the kettle results in a strong hop aroma and flavor profile supported by a firm, malty backbone.
6.5% ABV
42 IBU

Cream Ale
Bluebonnet Beer Company  ·  Round Rock, TX
An easy-drinking, all-season American craft beer. With a low bitterness level, light mouthfeel and crisp finish, this beer pairs well with just about any dish.
5.5% ABV
15 IBU

Bluebonnet Beer Company  ·  Round Rock, TX
Loaded with premium American hops, this exceedingly well-balanced IPA bursts with citrus and piney notes. The clean finish leaves you with a pleasantly smooth bitterness that won't crush your palate.
7.0% ABV
70 IBU

Orange Blossom Honey Pale Ale
Bluebonnet Beer Company  ·  Round Rock, TX
This American Pale Ale is brewed Columbus hops and drizzled with Orange Blossom Honey for a delicate sweetness and floral aroma.
6.4% ABV
35 IBU

Smoked Porter
Bluebonnet Beer Company  ·  Round Rock, TX
Winter seasonal. Deep, dark and rich. Made with German beechwood smoked malt and de-bittered black malt. Bold flavor that finishes cleanly
5.0% ABV
48 IBU

Texas Pecan Brown Ale
Bluebonnet Beer Company  ·  Round Rock, TX
Malty and rich, this brown ale has just enough bitterness to balance the flavors of caramel and chocolate. Much more approachable than a full-bodied porter this medium-bodied beer is crafted with Texas pecans to yield a subtle nuttiness.
5.5% ABV
25 IBU

Bluebonnet Beer Company  ·  Round Rock, TX
This Belgian Wit is an annual crowd favorite. Spiced with cracked coriander and brightened with the zest of fresh, seasonal Texas Red Grapefruit make this beer light, crisp and refreshing.
5.4% ABV
19 IBU