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A Sour With No Name
Buffalo Commons  ·  Mandan, ND
Sour but no slap your tongue silly sour. Smooth and refreshing. A great representation of a true Berliner Weisse style.

Burning Hills (Rauchbier)
Buffalo Commons  ·  Mandan, ND
A German-style lager with a small amount of beech-wood smoked German malt added to the grain bill to give a hint of smokey flavor and aroma.
5.5% ABV

Never Say Never IPA
Buffalo Commons  ·  Mandan, ND
Pleasantly hoppy without being too bitter - Ted, owner and Brewer.
6.3% ABV

Buffalo Commons  ·  Mandan, ND
This beer pours as golden as the wheat field’s blowing across the Midwest’s rolling plains. As classic as American Pale Wheat Ale’s come, Windblown Wheat is seasoned with coriander and lemon peel to give it some flare.
5.5% ABV
22 IBU