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Garr's Beer Co.


Local Tennessee Brewer travels to different breweries to craft unique beers for distribution in Tennessee. The logo is an alligator gar, and the brewer is named Garr. Don't drink what's been drunk, let's brew something new!


Citrus Pepper Farmhouse Ale
Garr's Beer Co.  ·  Franklin, TN
Orange and basil on the nose. The beer is slightly tart with citrus notes and touches of black pepper. A beer for food and wine lovers.
6.0% ABV
32 IBU

Lemon-Lime Basil Kolsch
Garr's Beer Co.  ·  Franklin, TN
The Kölsch is a bright, clean, refreshing beer with delicate notes of lemon, lime, and hops on the nose. A patio beer with character!
4.75% ABV
22 IBU

Red Jam
Garr's Beer Co.  ·  Franklin, TN
The Red Jam is a beautiful red ale filled with aromas and flavors of strawberry jam and other dried fruit. Not sweet, because it contains no extracts, syrups, fruits, or purees.
6.0% ABV
29 IBU