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Our Mission is to brew, serve, and sell a unique combination of high quality premium craft beers in a relaxed friendly atmosphere while maintaining exceptional customer service. Come Taste Our Results.

Iron Flamingo Brewery is a family business founded by Mark and Nadia Mauer, strong supporters of the Corning community for 25 years. The brewery opened on December 27th, 2014, under the outstanding management of their sons, Adam and Ben. Brewing Beer has long been a passion for the Mauer family that is evident in their family tree dating back to Mark and Nadia’s grandfathers in Scranton, PA.

After a long search for the ideal location that started in 2012, good fortune led us to the 196 Baker Street location. Formerly a fruit distributor, and the Becraft Tire Company, the building sat Idle for many years.

Now, the Mauer family has transformed this unique location into Corning’s first brewery to bottle and distribute beer! With off street parking, outside seating, and a uniquely designed tasting room, the brewery has become a meeting place for beer lovers throughout the area and numerous visitors to our community.

Iron Flamingo supports local businesses by allowing food to be ordered in, and hosting local food vendors on a regular basis on the premises. IF uses local farmers for their hops and malt, helping to sustain the rich agriculture of the Finger Lakes. IF is proud to utilize green energy in the brewery, using solar power for the brewing process. IF supports regional charitable events by providing not only beer, but a unique, family friendly location.


Hefe Hefeweizen
Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
This is a celebration to Bavarian style wheat beer which is unfiltered and leaves a hint of yeast on your palate and slightly fresh tart
7.0% ABV
20 IBU

Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
This Blond Ale is clean, crisp, well balanced and easy to drink. Straw blonde in color, it is a modern style somewhat similar to a Kolsch
4.8% ABV
20 IBU

Dark English Ale
Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
. A perfect blend of six malts, including crystal, chocolate and a small percentage of roasted barley produce a full bodied ale.
6.2% ABV
28 IBU

Double IPA
Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
This Citra packed hop bomb is packed with mouthwatering tropical fruit character, luscious floral aromas, and layer upon layer of flavor.
8.8% ABV
99 IBU

India Pale Ale
Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
Iron Flamingo’s I.P.A. balances four types of hops and a large grain bill to create a truly balanced brew.
6.7% ABV
68 IBU

Mocha Coffee Porter
Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
A full bodied ale, dark brown in color, with a tinge of coffee flavor. Nicely balanced by five malts and a mild hop profile.
5.8% ABV
36 IBU

Red Ale
Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
Iron Flamingo’s Red Ale is probably the perfect introduction to the world of craft brewed ales. It has a full flavor, & is not overly hopped
4.6% ABV
16 IBU

Sweet Potato Stout
Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
The sweet potatoes provide the background to an impressive taste which is enhanced by flavors of roasted chocolate, coffee, and caramel.
6.1% ABV
31 IBU

Belgian Wit Ale
Iron Flamingo Brewery  ·  Corning, NY
A traditional, unfiltered Belgian Wit brewed with bitter orange peel and coriander to create a unique beer that is sweet and slightly sour
6.0% ABV
20 IBU