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The name Joyride refers to slowing down and enjoying the moment instead of concentrating on the destination. Sometimes it’s not about where the ride takes you, it’s just about going for the ride itself. It’s about wanting a shared experienced between you and your loved ones. Too often in this crazy world of ours, we don’t allow ourselves to stop and smell the roses, or in our case, the hops. That’s one of the reasons why we started Joyride Brewing Company. We wanted to create a place where you could relax, hang out with your friends, family and coworkers, have a few beers and be yourself. We’re hoping this kind of idea appeals to you and you’re willing to hop on!

Joyride Brewing Company is a small craft brewery in Edgewater, CO, across the street from the banks of Sloan’s Lake. The brewery opened on July 16th, 2014. We have a 10 barrel brewhouse with eight serving tanks and six fermenters. Our taproom is around 1600 sq ft and can hold about 95 people. Please join us and enjoy the majestic views of the lake from our six rollup glass garage doors. Hop On!


Antelope Amber
Joyride Brewing Company  ·  Edgewater, CO
6.3% ABV
17 IBU

Cougar Pale Ale
Joyride Brewing Company  ·  Edgewater, CO
We use a method known as “hop bursting” and add all of the hops after the boil during our whirlpool. This gives the beer an extremely soft and pleasant bitterness while maximizing hop flavor and aroma.
5.9% ABV
40 IBU

Joyride Brewing Company  ·  Edgewater, CO
9.3% ABV
100 IBU

Ice Cutter Kolsch
Joyride Brewing Company  ·  Edgewater, CO
5.2% ABV
25 IBU

The Wall White Stout
Joyride Brewing Company  ·  Edgewater, CO
6.8% ABV
35 IBU

Wish You Were Here Blood Orange Black IPA
Joyride Brewing Company  ·  Edgewater, CO
7.2% ABV
75 IBU