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Launched in Pilsen, Chicago in 2014 by Brewmaster Jared Rouben, Moody Tongue Brewing Company creates thoughtful, carefully crafted beers that blend familiar flavors with quality ingredients through the philosophy of culinary brewing: using a chef’s mindset to highlight flavors and aromatics in balanced beers.

Rouben, leading the creative development of Moody Tongue’s portfolio of beers, is classically trained from the Culinary Institute of America in New York and has earned various positions in the kitchens of Michelin starred restaurants. At Moody Tongue, he forges the connection between the kitchen and the brewery, building recipes for the beers in the same manner a chef would for a dish. Created with simplicity and balance in mind, each beer can be enjoyed both on their own or paired with food.


Applewood Gold
Moody Tongue Brewing Company  ·  Chicago, IL
This 5.0% Gold carries the flavors of applewood alongside the aromatics of peachwood within a light, refreshing body.
5.0% ABV

Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Barleywine
Moody Tongue Brewing Company  ·  Chicago, IL
This 9.0% full-bodied Barleywine carries the flavors of toffee, caramel and dark Oaxacan chocolate alongside notes of vanilla and oak, aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels.

Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter
Moody Tongue Brewing Company  ·  Chicago, IL
This 7.0% medium-bodied, coffee-colored Baltic Porter carries the flavors of Madagascar vanilla and Mexican cinnamon with the aromatics of dark Oaxacan chocolate.
7.0% ABV

Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner
Moody Tongue Brewing Company  ·  Chicago, IL
This 5.0% German-style light-bodied Pilsner, created with premium hand-shaved Australian black truffles, combines aromatics of fresh black truffle and baked pear with subtle notes of toasted pilsner malt.
5.0% ABV

Sliced Nectarine IPA
Moody Tongue Brewing Company  ·  Chicago, IL
This 5.9% medium-bodied IPA has an auburn color and carries the flavors of gold nectarines with the aromatics of white peaches.
5.9% ABV

Steeped Emperor's Lemon Saison
Moody Tongue Brewing Company  ·  Chicago, IL
This 6.3% medium-bodied Saison carries the flavors of a lemon meringue pie alongside the aromatics of Meyer lemons. The resulting Saison has a pineapple color and a dry finish.
6.3% ABV