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About Us
Ratel Cider is a craft cider company based in Monterey, California with a tenacious desire to bring serious, high-quality craft ciders to the market.
Ratel's flagship cider is our Premium Craft, Dry-Hopped Cider. It is made with four different varietals of local apples. We have spent many years dedicated to finding the perfect blend of tart, sweet and sharp apples to create this perfect cider. We then add two high quality varietals of hops to bring this unique cider to life.
Our Dry-Hopped Apricot Sour Cider is a wonderfully fruity yet highly tart cider geared towards Sour Ale fans and people who love "tart".
And our newest cider "Bright" is a wonderfully crisp cider with a broad appeal, lightly hopped and fermented semi-dry. A definite crowdpleaser.

Ratel Ciders mission is to create delicious hopped creations far different then other cider on the market. We ferment most of our cider bone-dry and add rare fruity, floral premium hops. Ratel Cider is gluten-free and does not add water or any concentrates.
Ratel Premium Craft, Dry-Hopped Ciders are exciting and interesting creations that changes with age.  Like a maturing badger, as our ciders age they mellow becoming even more complex.  The end product is crisp, refreshing beverages lending a tart kick and floral, fruity aromas that will change the way beer and wine drinkers think about cider.


Dry Hopped Cider
Ratel Cider  ·  Monterey, CA
7.2% ABV