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We are a neighborhood brewpub in Oak Cliff, Texas.
Proudly brewing beer, cooking unique dishes, and mixing classic drinks.

We would love to serve you.


Black Pepper Pils
Small Brewpub  ·  Dallas, TX
A crisp and slightly spicy base of 95% Pilsner malt and 5% British Rye. Spiced in boil six different botanicals. Fermented with a dry English yeast strain.
5.5% ABV
18 IBU

Dark Season
Small Brewpub  ·  Dallas, TX
With malt bill that more closely resembles a stout this beer does not fit neatly into any catagories, it does however make up for it with flavor. Fermented with French and Belgian yeast strains. Make sure and check out our barrel aged version of this as well.
7.0% ABV
38 IBU

Small Brewpub  ·  Dallas, TX
7.25% ABV

Sorta Sour
Small Brewpub  ·  Dallas, TX
4.0% ABV