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6 String Saison
South Austin Brewery  ·  Austin, TX
Our non-traditional take on the Franco-Belgian style farmhouse ale. Fermented at slightly higher temperatures than our other beers. Our Belgian yeast strain produces complex flavors such as peach and black pepper. Spicy, Citirc, and truly unique.

Crossroads Coffee Stout
South Austin Brewery  ·  Austin, TX
A robust stout brewed with a unique blend of roasted barley, chocolate malt and oats. After fermentation is complete we infuse the beer with fresh -roasted Brazilian mice-lot coffee from our friends at Casa Brazil. Big, Malty, roasted flavors.
6.8% ABV

South Austin Brewery  ·  Austin, TX
Brewed using 100% German pilsner malt. Kol"beer is a Kolsch-style ale inspired by the great beers of Cologne. Its subtle malt character is balanced with just the right amount of hops. Clean, crisp and refreshing.

Evel Ale
South Austin Brewery  ·  Austin, TX
Easy drinking blonde ale, light in body with a slight hoppy flavor and bitterness in check.
4.7% ABV

TPA - Texas Pale Ale
South Austin Brewery  ·  Austin, TX
Inspired by our love for hops and our desire for a balanced IPA style beer. Heavy doses of late- addition American hops give our TPA a big hop flavor and aroma while keeping its bitterness in check. Hoppy, clean and very balanced.