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Wichita Brewing Company  ·  Wichita, KS
In search of the perfect IPA recipe, many attempts were made but version 6 (V.6) was the best. An American IPA brewed generousness amounts of hops... for your hop pleasure.
7.0% ABV
60 IBU

Valley View Vanilla Porter
Wichita Brewing Company  ·  Wichita, KS
The very first beer ever brewed on the Mother Brewship. A dark and roasty porter fermented with Madagascar vanilla beans.
5.9% ABV
28 IBU

Wbc Wheat
Wichita Brewing Company  ·  Wichita, KS
A "lawnmower" beer for lawnmowers with class. This cloudy unfiltered wheat is fermented with just enough lemon and orange to make it feel a little like summer regardless of the month. Some soft hops roll into a clean finish leaving your palate begging for more.
5.8% ABV
20 IBU