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Motueka Mulligan
Wild & Wooly  ·  Wellington, New Zealand

Savvy Llama
Wild & Wooly  ·  Wellington, New Zealand
A classic NZ pale ale. Single-hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Savvy Llama pours a lovely clear gold. On the nose the hops are the star, with big fruity notes combining with only faint hints of the kerosene that is a hallmark of Sauvin.The flavour clearly leans towards the malty end of the NZ Pale Ale spectrum, though it's balanced off by a firm bitterness (~50IBU). The fruity hop aromas carry right through to the palette as well.
5.0% ABV

Jamaican Tody
Wild & Wooly  ·  Wellington, New Zealand
6.3% ABV

Wild & Wooly  ·  Wellington, New Zealand
A bright, refreshing beer, Basilisk is a mildly tart Berliner Weisse. It's dry "hopped" with kaffir lime leaf, lemon zest and Thai basil. Just the thing for a hot summer day!
2.5% ABV

Disco Echidna
Wild & Wooly  ·  Wellington, New Zealand
Disco Echidna is actually a cross between a saison & a funky pineapple-juice cider. It's got a huge nose of pineapple and other tropical fruit, both from the juice & hop profile. The pineapple juice still shows strongly in the flavour, but the yeast character is stronger here than in the aroma, giving plenty of earthy saison-y funk.It's easy drinking, lightly tart, very dry and super-refreshing. Should appeal to lovers of good beer and cider alike.
5.4% ABV