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Established in 2015 by a runner and triathlete. ZēLUS combines an active lifestyle and the spirit of #Zelus into the perfect craft beer. We now sell craft beer across Eastern Massachusetts.


Competitor IPA
ZēLUS Beer Company  ·  Medfield, MA
Competitor IPA is an American-style IPA with an assortment of hops that creates a complex fruity, citrus aroma.
4.7% ABV
52 IBU

Long Run - Apricot Pale Ale
ZēLUS Beer Company  ·  Medfield, MA
Long Run is an UNFILTERED American Pale Ale made with the infusion of REAL apricots: an Apricot Pale Ale.
4.7% ABV
42 IBU

Race Pace Lager
ZēLUS Beer Company  ·  Medfield, MA
Race Pace is German-style lager with the ZēLUS twist.
4.8% ABV
28 IBU