5/16 Oceanside Ale Works Oaked "Dude" IIPA

May 16, 2012 3:00PM at Main Tap Tavern

Hop flavor is high, and should reflect an American hop character withcitrusy, floral, resinous, piney or fruity aspects. High hop bitterness, although the malt backbone will support the strong hop character and provide the best balance. Malt flavor is low, and is generally clean and malty. Some clean alcohol flavor can be noted. Oceanside Ale Works “Dude” is dry hopped with pure Cascade extract oil and carbonated in brite tank with consistent head pressure for 10 days opposed to using carb stone to save aroma. 9.4% abv. Oaked in barrel for 10 months.Cask conditioned firkin release, May 16th at 3pm!

Main Tap Tavern