Adventurer's Guild: Local 42

October 09, 2016 4:00PM - 11:00PM at 42 Lounge

At some point, almost every gamer laments wanting to play a game, but not being able to get together a group thanks to lack of players, no one volunteers to GM, players’ hectic schedules, drama or other #lifeissues. Thankfully, we have the answer: Adventurer’s Guild, Local 42.

We will be hosting semi-regular RPG events where we provide you with a GM and a character. You show up, sit down and play. These events are open to all skill levels-- our seasoned GMs will guide you along if you’ve never played before, and they know how to provide a challenge or two for the advanced player. These events will take place on various nights of the week, to accommodate as many busy schedules as we can.

This event will focus on a horror theme. GMs are planning on running games such as Call of Cthulhu and Shadow of the Demon Lord. Future events will explore other versions and styles. Please bring with you any dice you would like to use, and your imagination.

While you’re here, we’ll provide you with snacks, and we don’t mind if you bring your own food-- but we encourage sharing with your group (guaranteed way to make friends, if you ask us)! We also have a few opportunities for you to recover from a critical fail with our drink specials!

Bribe the GM: Purchase one of our specialty cocktails (see in-house menu) and earn a token for a re-roll of your dice, to be used at your GM’s discretion.

Your esteemed GMs for the evening:
Ryan H Smith
Erik Frankhouse - Running the 2nd episode of Crimson Trails using the Shadows of the Demon Lord system.
Caleb Andersen
Rob Wieland
Patrick Richert
Edward Gross - Running Rippers: Resurrected

Map of 42 Lounge
42 Lounge