Anything Goes Comedy Show

August 20, 2015 8:00PM at Alewife NYC

The First of our Comedy Series - "Anything Goes Comedy Show". Hosted by our very owe "DAZZLING DANNY"It features:MATT ANDERSON - Matt grew up in the midwest, joined the miltary, lived in Japan and then after his superhonorable discharge he went to film school. He makes an excellent dinner guest despite having only mediocre war stories. He'll win you over. ADAM GABEL - has been featured on the Comedywire blog and He also produces a show every first Friday of the month in the East Village at The Stairs bar. GRAHAM VANBACH YASH PARANDARE - @YashDare on twitter and GARY LEVITT - JERRY LALEEStarts 8pm - on the second floor #LaughOutLoud

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Alewife NYC