Bad Jack debuts at OBC

December 10, 2016 9:00PM - 1:00AM at Opinion Brewing Company

Live music and adult beverages with our friends.

Bad Jack was formed in 1994 by Dave Noren, Troy Castelanno, Kevin Fransen and Darrel Aulrich. They concentrated on southern and hard rock with a huge party atmosphere.
In 1996 the line up changed with the addition of Lyle Murico, Peter X and Brad Foss along with short stays with great musicians such as Dale Wheeler, Trent Bolt, Spinny, and Darrin H.. The song selection and show stayed true and the band stayed rocking up to 2001.
After the release of there CD "The Sons of Anacreon" the band decided to take a break and Dave,Pete,Lyle and Brad went to play in separate bands Dave went to play in "To The Core" and the Lyle,Pete and Brad went on to play in "Aultimate Ozzy".
After the almost 10 year absence of the name Bad Jack, Dave Noren with the help of Matt Whaley from "To The Core" reformed Bad Jack adding past members Lyle and Pete. for the next 4 years, this combo ruled the central Minnesota scene. Lyle re-discovered the love of his life and after a quick cocktail and guitar search, naturally Larry Loftus is brought on board. The songs may have changed, but the idea is still the same. Southern Rock and Hard Rock. That's what's fun to play.

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