The Cloak & Blaster

October 29, 2016
Map of The Cloak & Blaster

The Cloak & Blaster
  875 Woodbury Road, Suite 108, Orlando, FL 32828
  (407) 674-7435
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**Drink with us Friday for pre-gaming with costumes and drink/food specials, then celebrate Halloween on Saturday, 10/29!**Join us for our third annual BLAST-O-WEEN! Ghosts, witches, wizards, pirates, ninjas, fairies, hobbits, elves, and everything in between are invited to trick-or-treat adult-style with Halloween candy and delicious craft drinks. TRICK OR TREAT YO'SELF TO: * Special Halloween Candy and Beer Pairings!* 10 pm Costume Contest with prizes!* Exclusive Drafts TO BE ANNOUNCED!* Unique Halloween Menu Specials!* Complimentary candy for everyone!Special surprises lurk behind every corner ...