Book Signing with Local Author Joseph Pasquarella


September 29, 2016
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  8208 E Market St, Warren, OH
  (330) 395-9463
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Local author Joseph Pasquarella, will be having a discussion on his book, 'Images of Miss Lindfors: An Ashtabula Love Story" From the peculiar events that only urban legends are made from. Can a lonely young man who is new in town and a lovelorn young lady find true and everlasting love together amid the backdrop of a looming tragedy? Thrust into a certainly remarkable situation, thirtyfour- year-old Danny Dubenion will be faced with the daunting task of risking his own life to save the beautiful and gracefully astute Miss Eva Lindfors from her ill-fated destiny. The radiant yet refined Miss Lindfors is the kind of old-fashioned young woman that he has long dreamed about and waited his whole life to find. Unfortunately, he wakes up only to discover that the girl of his dreams was just that-a dream. The despondent Danny will still have to go on searching for the right woman for him to spend and enjoy the rest of his life with. That task will be a very difficult one, because no girl can seem to measure up to Eva, the girl in his dream! However, after a trip to the local graveyard, the hauntingly fabled Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Ashtabula, Ohio, Danny discovers, to his absolute shock, that she was more than just a dream. Was the alluring and resplendent Miss Lindfors a real woman or just a phantom illusion from the past? Either way, will it be too late for Danny to attempt to save her from her impending doom?Joseph Pasquarella Jr., author of Elegy of the Song Sparrow and Images of Miss Lindfors, was born in 1962 in Youngstown, Ohio. All his life, he has enjoyed writing stories and creating various characters while authoring literary fiction around a factual, historical backdrop. Joseph lives in northeast Ohio with his beautiful wife, Caroline. They have two children, Joseph III and Rachel.Books will be available for purchasing and the author to sign. The price of a copy is $12.95 (cash or check only)