Community Center Plays The Stomping Ground!

November 23, 2016 8:00PM - 1:00AM at The Stomping Ground

Community Center:

We're an indie rock band brought up on Classical and Jazz. Over the course of a few years we've developed a vat of sound melting together Rock, Jazz, Funk, Folk and old Southern Hymns.
Our music is heavily influenced by traveling. At moments we uprooted to live in a different state or country for a few months to gain a new perspective. Brian bicycled across the states coast-to-coast in the dead of winter. Danny lived on a boat for two years because one was available. We all had some great times on that boat. We brew beer, ride horses, go wandering in the middle of the night, run theatre companies, live in log cabins, go to Italy to paint, think celestially, and let nothing stand in our way. This music we write, we write because we love each other. We help one another out. Bad things happen along the way, and whenever one person feels bad there are seven other people to turn to and feel better. Music brings that out of us and we hope our music brings that out in you.
We are a group of friends who met in various jazz bands and orchestras throughout high school and college. Except our bassist, Zach. We met him playing a Fourth of July show on the back of two flatbed trucks. Anyway, we have spent the last two years under a different band name, playing shows across the country, working to get these songs ready.

We pride ourselves in wearing dozens of influences on our sleeve. If you were to ask any band member who we listen to, every one of us would give a different answer. We think this makes for an interesting end product although our inner-discussions about musical ideas can get pretty convoluted and nonsensical. All of us play multiple instruments on stage which makes for eclectic shows and a ridiculous amount of cases to pack in the van. The near-novelty amount of instruments was never meant to be a gimmick but developed from simple curiosity to keep testing out different combinations of sounds. Our house is now cluttered with more noise-makers than any band would ever need.

We are based so close to the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania that our rehearsals have the potential to bother neighbors in two states. Both the Baltimore and York areas have been very good to us over the years and we feel proud to call ourselves a local band of both cities. This is a very exciting time for us. We finally feel like a live band with a strong album under our belt. The new album was years in the making and our poor producer had to deal with months of us over-analyzing every song piece by piece.

We are so proud of how the album came out, and whether or not it encourages you to come out to a show and buy a copy, we hope you'll give a track or two a listen while you take the time to check us out.

Community Center's live show has been winning over diverse audiences with storytelling songwriting and a live set that features saxophone, accordion, cello, clarinet, violin, and highly-arranged vocals. We have performed at large music festivals and two singles from our most recent album have been in rotation on many national radio stations.

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The Stomping Ground