Draft Tournament: Killer Queen League Night (PHX)

September 29, 2016 8:00PM - 11:00PM at The Grid: Games and Growlers

One special Thursday per month, Killer Queen gets extra competitive. There's no cost to enter the Draft Tournament. Members of the winning team will receive $25 gift cards. And the top two teams get a free round of drinks! All of this is brought to you by Samantha Weddle with Real Living.Remember, teams are created by secret draft, so all skill levels and solo players are welcome.8 p.m. sign-ups8:30 p.m. queens secretly select their teams8:45 p.m. tournament startsTournament play will be a double-elimination, best-of-three format. Paper-rock-scissor at the beginning of each matchup to choose either your starting cabinet or starting map.The championship will be a best-of-five format. Good luck.League Night is free to play, and all skill levels are welcome.Fill out a card or get on the pickup list. As soon as there are two complete teams, League games will begin.Matches are played in Best of 3 series, but don’t worry about winning or losing, you’ll be up again either way.It’s a non-elimination round robin, and you are free to drop-in and out, so get there when you like and stay ‘til you feel.League Night is free to play, and all skill levels are welcome.

Map of The Grid: Games and Growlers
The Grid: Games and Growlers