Geeks Who Drink: Firefly Edition!

September 28, 2016 8:00PM - 10:00PM at Arizona Beer House

Note: registration is required for participation in this event! you always find yourself in an Alliance friendly bar on Unification Day? Is your speech peppered with Chinese obscenities? Are you a leaf on the wind? On September 28th, we're headed to the outer planets for We Aim to Misbehave: A Firefly Quiz at select Geeks Who Drink venues.The quiz will cover all 15 episodes of the cult Fox show and the feature film Serenity. Since the show only lasted one season, we’re making all Firefly cannon fair game. Study hard. Normal Geeks Who Drink rules apply. Your team is limited to 6 crew members and admission is $5 per person and we're accepting cash only so leave your gorram credits at home.

Map of Arizona Beer House
Arizona Beer House