Golden Sombrero (Album Release) * Brand New Hearts * Astragal

March 24, 2017 9:00PM - 12:00AM at Rudyard's British Pub

Golden Sombrero (Houston, TX)

Golden Sombrero formed in 2012 in Bryan/College Station as a new collaboration between members of Mike The Engineer, Pearl Light Specials, and The Ex-Optimists, creating a songwriter-based project to make good tunes in garage rock setting. In 2013 the band moved to Houston and its sound further transformed as country-rock vibes gave a bit of ground to pop hooks.

The band has played a variety of venues, clubs, and bars in both Houston and Bryan/College Station. Free Press Houston has said that Golden Sombrero plays “their blend of rock meets garage pop” and “they kind of sound like Cheap Girls.” B/CS Loud!Fest said, “these recent Houston transplants make really really smart bar rock & roll with hints of honky tonk, classic rock bombast and ground zero NYC art-punk.” In June 2015 the band released their first album, Replacement Level, through Sinkhole Texas, Inc. in College Station.

Brand New Hearts (Houston, TX)

"Remember that first time you heard Weezer, and you immediately fell in love with their sound? The second time you heard them, you realized that they loved anthem rock, and the third time; you realized how complex simplicity is? Well, that's how this Brand New Hearts EP sounds. The way the songs are structured, you immediately notice how the guys from Brand New Hearts know what they're doing when it comes to writing. The upbeat tempo, the searing guitar fills, and the sing-song choruses; it definitely leaves you wanting more once it's reached it's end.
You'll definitely be humming the opener "Drive Me Home" after hearing it, and you'll revel in the dual vocals on the closer, "Brand New Hearts". Hopefully, this EP is just the beginning from a band with definite promise." - David Garrick

Astragal (Houston, TX)

Named after the novel by French writer, Albertine Sarrazin, Astragal is a band that seeks to blend Shoegaze and Dreampop with the ethos of Jazz and Post-Punk in an effort to create songs that you can dance, ride a bike, and hopefully fall in love too.

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