Hearthstone League - Week 3

November 01, 2016 7:00PM - 10:00PM at 42 Lounge

42 Lounge Hearthstone League

Hosted and Moderated by: Tony Rome
Tuesdays at 42 Lounge
Free to join!
Players must register with the organizer to be recorded as members. You may join at any time.
Each week , every Player gets 2 points for showing up and participating.

Players earn points by playing matches. Each match consists of 3 games. Players may play up to 4 matches for league points per night. Twelve total games must be played for the maximum number of league points.

Finishing 0-3 is worth 0 points
Finishing 1-2 is worth 1 point
Finishing 2-1 is worth 2 points
Finishing 3-0 is worth 4 points

Therefore, a player may earn a maximum of 18 league points per night.

League matches must be played against other league members present in the location. League attendance is not mandatory, you may join at any week, but those who attend every week will have an advantage.

After 6 sessions, the top players (total number will depend on league turnout) will return to participate in a playoff tournament. The format of said tournament is to be determined and will be announced when numbers have been totaled.

Deck Construction:
Players do not need to register their decks, they may change heroes or deck lists between matches. When Blizzard implements the standard format, the league will default to Standard play, or may continue as Wild if the league votes it so.

All players must be 21 or older to participate.
Players MUST provide their own tablet, phone or laptop to participate. Players must also provide their own charging cables.
All game and system updates MUST be completed prior to arriving. If you are found to be performing game or system updates during the tournament, you will be disqualified and/or asked to leave.
Players may not look at their opponent's device. Anyone found to be cheating by any means will be removed from the tournament and/or the location.

Map of 42 Lounge
42 Lounge