Jagged Rocks - Rush Bar and Grill

October 14, 2017 9:00PM - 11:59PM at The Rush Bar and Grill

Roxy - Lead singer with experience going all the way back to high school choir, Roxy brings an “unparalleled strong vocal presence and tight harmonies that truly take your breath away.”

George - Playing the drums since the age of 8, George “successfully toured the West Coast, Rocking venues from their early teens to adulthood. … This gives Jagged a tight sound, which takes you from a beautiful ballad to in your face Rock and Roll!”

Phil - “Phil studied in the Recording Arts, electronics, woodworking, and over the years has honed his skills working for such companies as OEM Instruments, Dobro Guitars, and Rickenbacker International.” And brings his experience in the music industry to bear as he plays the bass guitar.

Ivan - “In college, he attended music theory and history classes including a jazz class where he jammed with his guitar. It was here that Ivan formed a rock group in his fraternity and performed at the famous UCLA Mardi Gras booth.” Ivan brings his jazz experience to the band.

Havana Ray - “Ray is Jagged’s resident Latin percussionist. With his Cuban heritage, Ray has a natural rhythm that was passed down to him from generations of family musicians. … Ray enjoys the challenge in finding ways to incorporate Latin percussion fills and beats into classic rock tunes while on stage with Jagged.”

James - “James Lane is another Jagged band member that comes from a musical family of guitarists. He is also a professional musician and an accomplished song writer. His original music is currently selling on websites such as Amazon, Spotify and others.”

Map of The Rush Bar and Grill
The Rush Bar and Grill