Jake's Presents A "Wrestling" Event

April 02, 2017 4:00PM - 2:00AM at Jake's Cigars-Lincoln

"We" invite you to a "wrestling" event on the non-smoking side of the bar. Without anymore detail, what you are assuming might be correct. In addition to this, on our big "stage" we will be presenting "trivia" of sorts for said event, with round/matches throughout the evening. Spread the news, put on your best "wrestling" shirt and enjoy a great time!

Time change: 4:00pm is the start time (pre-whatever starts then). Come down at that time or come at 6:00pm for the event. We will have a drink special, awesome punch, prizes to win and food to serve. Get ready, folks. It's almost time!

Map of Jake's Cigars-Lincoln
Jake's Cigars-Lincoln