LIVE Jazz - Caleb Murray @Beer Baron Pleasanton

September 28, 2016 7:30PM - 9:30PM at Beer Baron Livermore

To hear samples of Caleb Murray, please visit: www.calebmurray.comABOUT Caleb MurrayI am from the San Francisco Bay Area from a little town called Half Moon Bay. I primarily Alto and Tenor Saxophone playing jazz standards and original tunes, but I have been trained classically as well from the great teacher Dale Wolford. I've also played with rock, funk, blues, Christian Contemporary, Latin, Hip Hop, and Reggae groups around the world. I graduated with a bachelors degree in music- jazz studies from Hope College in Holland, Michigan In the Fall of 2011 and I have a masters degree for Jazz Composition from the University of South Florida from 2014. I've trained under Michael O’Neil, Dale Wolford, Aaron Lington, Wayne Wallace, Brian Coyle, Tom Lockwood, Jack Wilkins, and Chuck Owens, along with meeting amazing musicians from all over the country. I have performed with Ralph Bowen, The Smithsonian Masterworks Orchestra, Mike Olmos, Joss Cano, Dave Pietro, Mary Fettig, Wayne Wallace, John Santos, the Hip Hop Group "Thanks For Leaving", and the folk groups "Welcome Wagon" and Billy Manzik. I have also done multiple projects with drummer Adam Everett, bassist Danny Gerz, pianist Bryan Simmons, and guitarist Chris Main. I also have been featured in hip hop sampling albums by Jimmy Beatz here in CA. I also played First Tenor in the 8 o' Clock Daddios Band led by Steve Tyler as well as First Tenor with at the 14th annual Frank Sinatra Celebration in Ybor City.While I was in Holland, I played saxophone for the Holland Jazz Band under direction of Brian Coyle. I also wrote many small group and small jazz ensemble compositions that I hope to record in the near future.I have written for instruments in jazz big bands and small groups as well as men's vocal groups and gospel choirs. I have studied writing techniques with Maria Schneider and and Ryan Truesdale. Chuck Owens has been a huge mentor of mine, and his striving for excellence has become something I try to implement in my writing. I am also an adept copyist and arranger. Like I said in the introduction, I will be selling my scores online for those who are interested. I would also be open to selling my music the parts too if they were to be asked for.As I've been getting older (well not that old), I find that I want to tell other people how to become better at music. The main thing I'm finding about music is that the more you live in it, the more you think about it constantly, the more it will give back to you, the more you will be honest with yourself about how you need to improve. That is what I want to garner in the students I work with.What I try to bring to music is a desire to have serious fun. I enjoy making jokes and experimenting with various, non conventional ideas, but I mean to do them in the most musical and respectful way I can perform/compose. As I continue to grow as a musician, I will try to keep this site as up to date as possible. Thanks and I look forward to the work ahead!

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