Patty’s Irish Red Ale Tapping Party March 14

March 14, 2019 5:30PM - 6:30PM at Bricktown Brewery - Wichita Rock Road

Bricktown Brewery will get an early start on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the tapping of Patty’s Irish Red Ale on Thursday, March 14th.

According to brewer Cory Grey, the newest addition to the Bricktown lineup of craft beers, Patty’s Irish Red Ale is brewed with European biscuit malts.

“These European biscuit malts give the beer a full body with some caramel and chocolaty notes. Our red is lightly hopped so the balance is on the malt side,” Grey added. This is a dark red ale.”

Patty’s Irish Red Ale tapping party will begin at 5:30’ish on Thursday, March 14th. A variety of activities and events will take place during the tapping.

Bricktown Brewery - Wichita Rock Road