Pegstar Presents: Samothrace, He Whose Ox is Gored, Omotai

May 28, 2017 8:00PM - 2:00AM at Rudyard's British Pub

Samothrace (Seattle, WA)
Samothrace formed in early 2006 with the intent of writing heavy, blues-based doom with an emphasis on forging their own sound in the community. Samothrace hit the scene with their debut LP Life's Trade, released by 20 Buck Spin way back in 2008. Four years have passed since then, a lifetime in today's fast-moving 24 hour PR blaaahgosphere. Life's Trade received a great deal of critical acclaim upon its release, even landing in Decibel Magazine's top albums of the year list for 2008. The band toured behind the LP and then, for a time, it seemed like they'd disappeared. In fact the members were occupied with the ups and downs of their daily lives which proved often to be tumultuous. Having left Samothrace shortly after recording Life's Trade, guitarist Renata Castagna returned to the fold in 2010 and the band began to slowly re-emerge becoming an active band once more.

He Whose Ox is Gored (Seattle, WA)
“Their music is beautiful just as much as it’s brutal, and they wear nuance well. Were you to strictly measure the moments of distorted, pounding sludge against those of more exotic and meditative instrumentation, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratio ended up dead even. It’s a dramatic approach but never an overbearing one, and genuinely innovative in a way that feels organic—synthesizers or not.” – Treble

Omotai (Houston, TX)

Omotai is a rarity in the world of the heavy - a curious stylistic alloy, a band wielding the stoner metal truncheon with math rock deliberation. The apoplexy of each gnashing riff, conveyed live via a massive wall of amplification, is enough to bring flesh as well as the surrounding atmosphere to a target resonance, the audience appropriated as a biological component of the sonic transmission.

The Houston metal outfit was formed in December 2009 by Sam Waters (guitar, vocals) and Anthony Vallejo (drums, vocals). They recruited Melissa Lonchambon Ryan (bass guitar, vocals) a month later and hit the studio almost immediately to pump out their debut EP Peace Through Fear, taking cues from 80’s thrash, 90’s noise rock, grindcore and sludge. Their sophomore effort, Terrestrial Grief, distilled Peace’s strongest points, upping the math and whiplash quotients by several orders of magnitude.

Rapidly garnering a rep for punishingly loud live performances, with an emphasis on speed and aberrant rhythms, the trio toured the US between 2010 and 2012, sharpening their skills alongside Yob, the Sword, Big Business, Hammerhead and countless other bands. In 2013, after constant writing and the third release,Fresh Hell, looming, they took on guitarist/vocalist Jamie Ross. It’s proven a smart investment for the band, with Ross’s shred adding a new dimension to Ryan and Waters’ already pummeling wall of riffery.

Sunday May 28, 2017
Pegstar Presents:
He Whose Ox is Gored
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