Riverside Armsports Championship & Charity Event

November 12, 2016 12:00PM - 6:00PM at Wicks Brewing Co

Amateur Classes
Right and Left Hand
Double Elimination Tournament
$20 Entry Fee
154, 176, 198, 220, 242, 243+
Awards 1st - 3rd Place

Womens Class
TBD (Winner take all Cash Prize based on entries)

Open Single Elimination CASH Payout
(Open to any puller)
Right and Left Hand
$10 Entry Fee per category
Under 200lbs, Over 200lbs
***In each class you will be put on a list according to your weight, lightest to heaviest and from there a single elimination bracket tournament will take place to pay out the TOP 3 FINISHERS. Based on the bracket and the fact that its single elimination, the 2 semifinal losers will pull for 3rd. Yes if you are under 200lbs you can pull all four.

-Current Prize Pool: $2000 ($500 per category) Sponsored by John Burgeson II and Epik Engineering

Under 200lbs Right Under 200lbs Left
1st: $250 1st: $250
2nd: $150 2nd: $150
3rd: $100 3rd: $100

Over 200lbs Right Over 200lbs Left
1st: $250 1st: $250
2nd: $150 2nd: $150
3rd: $100 3rd: $100

LOCATION: Wicks Brewing Co

Weigh Ins:
- Friday 11/11
Nutrishop Riverside at Tyler
10276 Indiana Ave
Riverside CA 92503
- Saturday 11/12
Wicks Brewing Co

RULES similar to WAF but only 30 sec to get grip. 2 fouls. No running fouls.

***Stay tuned for more info***

Map of Wicks Brewing Co
Wicks Brewing Co