Sake Tasting + Food Pairing!

September 30, 2016 5:00PM - 7:00PM at The Beer Junction

Sake Tasting + Food Pairing!In honor of World Sake Day**, we're doing our first sake tasting! Meet Jeff from Washington's Cedar River Brewing. Founded in 2012, Cedar River is the first sake brewery in Washington State in over 70 years! Jeff will be bringing a variety of his sakes for you to try, plus he's inviting some other sake makers to join the fun (details on that to be announced as we get closer). Jeff is teaming up with sushi master Hajime from Mashiko whom will be providing a food pairing for Cedar River sake. Hajime will be making kasu marinated cucumber sushi to pair with Cedar River Junmai, and Asian pears marinated in Nigori to pair with Cedar River Nigori.In addition to the tasting, we'll also be doing full pours of sake up at the bar. **World Sake Day is Saturday October 1st (we are celebrating one day early on Friday September 30th).

Map of The Beer Junction
The Beer Junction