September Plaza Beer Walk with Prairie Artisan Ales!

Oak & Ore

September 28, 2016
Map of Oak & Ore

Oak & Ore
  1732 NW 16th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73106
  (405) 606-2030
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Our third monthly event will feature some incredible (and some rare) beers from Prairie Artisan Ales! We had a great turnout last month, despite a pesky bit of storm activity, and hope to see even more folks here in September. We're still raising donations for Eugene Field Elementary School, so come thirsty and bring some copy paper and other supplies! Stay tuned for updates on the beer list, as well as some pretty awesome glassware news!Prairie Beers tapped at - Empire Slice House: Standard, Paradise;The Mule: 4th Anniversary, Vous Francais;Saints: Paradise, Birthday Bomb, Vous Francais, Weisse, Funky Gold, 4th Anniversary, and bottles of Apple Brandy Noir;Oak & Ore: Americana, 4th Anniversary, Ape Snake, Mango Weisse, Vous Francais, Ace, Bomb, and Randalled Bomb with tart cherries, vanilla beans, and toasted cinnamon sticks.