Soultree Plays The Stomping Ground!

The Stomping Ground

October 06, 2016
Map of The Stomping Ground

The Stomping Ground
  132 Main St, Putnam, CT 06260
  (860) 928-7900
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Ian I (singer songwriter for The Alchemystics) has been writing and producing reggae, world, and soul among other genres for over 20 years. He formed his first group, Soullution (primarily roots reggae), back in 1996 with co-lead singer, David Rivera. The group produced two LPs, "Uplift with Sound" and "Seed of Love." The group disbanded in 2005.At the end of 2006, he was called by Demse Zullo of The Alchemystics (undergoing a transformation), to join. Ian I had already incorporated the fusing of hip-hop and reggae in his own music, so the fit seemed perfect. The Alchemystics provided a great platform for socially conscious lyrics and the chanting reggae rap stylings Ian I developed over the years (exemplified in songs like "Type a Prayer").Still, he continued to write other more personal and heartfelt sacred love music inspired by artists such as Sade, Stephen Marley, and more recently, Jhene Aiko. Hence, the birth of Soultree (ambient sultry soul roots). Co-produced by The Alchemystics' own Demse Zullo, Soultree combines Ian I's reggae roots with a new school ambient sound, romantic as well as existential themes.