Street Theater Workshop

October 22, 2016 11:00AM - 1:00PM at The Bier Baron Tavern

"Where You Least Expect It: Audience Connection, Improvisation & Street Theater"

A performer workshop presented by Carmel Clavin of Spectacle and Mirth

Shaken out of autopilot and unexpectedly charmed! A street performer faces unique challenges in their work that also build skills for other performance disciplines - specificity, improvisation, stamina, fearlessness, creative problem solving. Perfect for dancers, sideshow artists, vaudevillians and aerialists who want to push their work beyond technical proficiency and into affecting performance.

Outcomes and expectations:
Workshop attendees can expect to leave with a strong sense of direction in how to translate their performance to the street, how to adapt quickly and effectively to any environment or challenge, and take steps to achieving their idea of success in performance- whatever that may be. And tired. You'll be tired- in a good way!

Instructor's Bio:
CARMEL CLAVIN: A performer & spectacle-maker from the North, I have made my home in Staunton, VA. As the Directrix and Grand PooBah Extraordinaire of Spectacle & Mirth, I produce such absurdity as The Teacup Cabaret, The Marvelous Mechanical Music Maiden, The Shenandoah Fringe Festival, and The Kettle, a collaborative performance venue. With roots firmly in street theater and bellydance I have branched out to train in Shakespeare, stage combat, costuming voodoo, and playing the accordion and ukulele very poorly. This vaudevillian loves to sing too loud, stand very still, and wear grand hats.

Saturday October 22 from 11am to 1pm
Hosted by the DC Weirdo Show

Map of The Bier Baron Tavern
The Bier Baron Tavern