Thanksgiving Traditions

November 23, 2016 2:00PM - 5:00PM at Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill - Millville

Thanksgiving is a time of traditions, and while we understand you have some of your own, time to maybe make some new ones with us, or just enjoy our favorites.

Yeah, its a great night to be out and see everyone, but its also a good night for live music, giveaways and cold beers. We have all three!
The Loop will be on stage with you all night long and you enjoy a cold Miller Lite Bottle or Draft for just $3 from 9:30-11. During that time you can also be entered to win EAGLES TICKETS!

You'll be nursing that hangover from the night before and everyone says the best way to do so is to have another, so why not? We will open up at 9 with beers, bloody marys, and everything else flowing. Then at 10, we will be offering a breakfast to help suck up some of that alcohol and get you ready for your turkey dinner. We'll also be showcasing the Vineland/Millville Football game starting at 10:30 kickoff.
Don't worry though, we'll be here all day for whenever you've had enough family time.

So come out and enjoy some of the Sidelines Thanksgiving Traditions, starting Thanksgiving Eve with The Loop.

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Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill - Millville